Lucifur: Hell is right. I am the second of the Destroyer, and the last hope of his realm.

Origin Edit

Cutler’s one truly evil childhood creation, Lucifur comes from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. He is a spirit wolf and has changed little over the years.

Appearance Edit

Lucifur almost always appears as a starved white wolf; nothing but fur and bones. His golden eyes blaze with an unholy light. After he has fed or when evil is very strong in the universe, Lucifur's frame fills out to resemble his sister Seeonee.

Information Edit

Lucifur is one of the Destroyer's deceivers. His specialty is leading beasts astray; bargains with him are often the source of were-animals. Physically he is a spirit; he is not made of flesh and blood and thus cannot be harmed by natural means. However, he can injure living beings, and often does whenever he gets the chance.

His strength comes from evil acts and feeding off of evil beings. Once a truly evil person has outlived their usefulness to his master, Lucifur will slowly kill them. His method is to cause as much bloodshed as possible since the liquid soaks into him whenever he touches it. After such a kill his naturally starved frame fills out and his power is greater than usual.

In Troll Division, it is shown that Lucifur is the only thing that can truly destroy something within the Crystal Prism universe. Otherwise, anything that dies in its canon story still exists in the continuity AshWolf Forever inhabits. But if something is destroyed by the White Wolf, it ceases to exist at all save in the chapters it was already in.

Trivia Edit

  • Lucifur is white due to this signifying death and mourning in the East. That and its a flip of black always being evil.