Mason: I have a second chance. I will not waste it.

Origin Edit

Mason was created for Gloria's backstory and originally was not planned to ever appear again. He grew far beyond that purpose. It became obvious later he was Susan's previously unnamed kit.

Appearance Edit

Hellhound Halfbreed Edit

Mason Kitsune Form

Mason's "true" form

Mason was born the product of a Sionnach/Hellhound breeding. His "true" form was that of a pale orange fox with a dark orange dorsal stripe and white markings, particularly a diamond-shaped "star" on his forehead. When angered, however, he would shapeshift into a form more like that of his sire, Ruin. Black fur, red ears, a white skull-like marking upon his face, and eyes of blood red.

Cuddly/Flaming Mirror Beast Edit


Mason's Troll Forms

In "Cuddly" form, Mason resembled a pale orange fox. He had white paws that are really the same type of gloves worn by Mips, and a mirror reminiscent of the Mirror Shield from Legend of Zelda. In "Flame Mode" he turned black as coal and the mirror became a skull with glowing red eyes. His fog-like tail turned into a flesh-less appendage and the gloves vanished from his paws.

Chinox Edit

(See infobox) Mason once more resembles a pale orange fox. A dark orange tuft of fur tops his head and the color runs down his back in a wide streak. His eyes are ice-blue. He has white paws, inner ears, and muzzle, as well as a diamond marking on his forehead. In short aside from the Chinox's double set of ears and the head tuft, he's reclaimed his "true" form.

Information Edit

Mason is the son of the "Hellhound" Ruin and the Sionnach Susan. He was conceived in his mother's bid for power, but he was not what she expected. His gentle nature was a major hindrance to her goals, and thus, she told him of a treasure that would grant him the power to protect - the Mask of Shielding. All he had to do was steal it, and she would never criticize him again. The kit did so, not knowing the Mask itself granted no powers - no, it would curse him, change him, and forge him into the weapon his mother desired.

Cursed and Changed Edit

The moment he put on the Mask of Shielding, Mason found himself wrapped up in a powerful vortex of magic. It warped his form, turning him into a Troll. Crystal Prism's laws of changing forms narrowed the damage the Mask could do. When the transformation was over, Mason had become a Masked Mirror Beast that was one quarter Cuddly/Flaming Mip and the vortex dumped him near another of the species. Jareth was the son of Sunshine, assumed to be conceived via a forced breeding with Caligula. The close proximity and matching species led everyone, including the amnesic Mason, to assume the two littermates. But Jareth had no time for his supposed brother, and in the end, the only one to give the hybrid the time of day was Sunshine's brother Chester. With no attention shown him by his "mother", Mason turned his admiration on his believed sire. Caligula's reputation as a serial killer of his own kind was well-spread and Mason, still just as starved for parental approval, decided to follow in his footsteps.

The Woozle Hunter Edit

However, his desire to mimic the white Mirror Beast was hampered by his size; being barely larger than his assumed Mip grandfather meant he had to set his sights on easier prey, Watery-Eyed Weeping Woozles. Like his assumed brother Jareth, he excelled at mind games and seduction. He used his Flaming form to terrorize his prey, and his Cuddly form to play the role of “loving protector” until he tired of the game.

Mason's first attempt at this game was an eyesore pink Woozle named Kiera. He was somewhat clumsy with his flirtation, but the female was so desperate for someone to care that it did not hamper him much. Unfortunately for the wannabe Woozle Hunter, he found himself empathizing with his would-be prey. She was every bit a victim as he was, and he came to care for her in spite of himself. In the end, he was forced to abandon the "hunt" and Kiera. But not before he'd made his first kill - Kiera's neglectful sire - and gained a cold hatred for the species as a whole for their ill-treatment of one of their own.

He became a serial killer of Woozles and claimed five successes. His M.O. was to approach a lone female and offer comfort and protection. As his mirror reflected only what he wished his prey to see, they quickly fell for his sweet words, dismissing his possessive actions – constantly watching their every move, even while they slept; never allowing them time alone with their family – as love and protective instincts, becoming completely dependent on him and distancing themselves from “those who don’t love them, who only wish to use them”.
Mason's Act

Mason befriending a Woozle

Once he had his prey completely under his spell, he then began to use carefully worded comments to break their spirit. He delighted in causing emotional pain and continued until he grew bored with the game. Then he “broke up” with his prey, convincing them he never loved them at all (the one time he told the truth) and simply abandoned them in a forest. He wouldn't go far – just far enough that they cannot find him. Then he back-tracked to watch as they broke down. Once they were completely immobilized by the heartache, he swooped in for the kill. He would then give the carcasses to his companion Vermilion, who devoured them. Thus no bodies have been found were found and he could lie should relatives come calling.
Mason Tires of the Game

Mason seconds before the kill.

Mason never fully morphed in front of his prey if he could prevent it. Instead, he would lose his temper for a moment or too – the tips of his fur turning black - then offer an apology something to the effect of “I’m sorry, but it’s your own fault. Why must you make me so angry? Don’t you love me?” However, if one saw through his mask and pressed the matter, he went full Flame Mode. This is when he was at his most dangerous.

Release the Hounds Edit

Mason's last victim was Gloria. His hunt was spoiled when AshWolf found the Woozle first. Instead of abandoning the chase, he continued to seek her out and was exposed by her teammate Bumble. He then found the tables turned - he was the hunted now, with the Troll Division's allies on his trail. The hunt, known as "Release the Hounds", left him short an eye, ear, hind leg and most of his tail. A few of his hunters were injured in their attempt themselves - most notably the Mirror Beast BlackRose and the Clone Drone Chrysalis, whose injuries only strengthened the desire to see him brought to justice. He was brought to bay and captured in the midst of his last attempt on Gloria. He received a stay of execution from the head of the Troll Reformation League, giving him a year to see the error of his ways and change.

Reformation Edit

After his capture, the Cuddly/Flaming Mirror Beast treated his peers with scorn. There was nothing wrong with his behavior - they had come after him after all! He was also reunited with Kiera - which caused him to panic as he was still ashamed of the emotions she stirred in him. After meeting with both sides of what he believed was his family, he forced to see that his assumed sire was never someone worth mirroring, and the love he had once found shouldn’t have been thrown away. He found himself befriending BlackRose's younger brother Cyrus and his presumed uncles Endrance and Chester as he sought to make sense of his new outlook. Then came BlackRose's evolution and the resulting events which concluded with Mason's true redemption - shedding the Troll form at last.

Mason's road to reformation was a long one, costing him a great deal including physical injuries. However, he would be the first to say they were all worth it. Now the former hybrid is a sleek Chinox, with a face of his own once more instead of a reflective mask. His personality has changed little, though he is no longer depressed, nor does he believe he deserves to die. "Been there, done that." He continues to attempt to make up for his former behavior in any way he can, but mostly he's simply enjoying the new start with his mate Kiera. The bonds he formed in his previous forms remain as well, such as his friendships with Cyrus, Elk and Chester. He currently runs a mask shop on Thunder Island.

Trivia Edit

  • Mason is somewhat based on Edward Cullen.
  • The "Mask of Shielding" which formed his mirror was based on the Happy Mask Salesman and the Mirror Shield in Legend of Zelda.