Medafil: Dangnabbit! Why do you do these things?!?! Leave well enough alone!

Origin Edit

Medafil is a Troll Reformation League RPG adopt designed by Yenzig. He was the second Preserve capture.

Appearance Edit

Mudgriffin Edit


Medafil as a Mudgriffin.

Medafil was a gray-green color with bright blue wings and markings. His eyes and tongue were gold.

Lieffin Edit

Upon reformation, Medafil's green dissolved into a pale gray. His eyes remained gold, but his blues mellowed just barely.

Information Edit

Medafil only looks cute. He's a straight-up brat, constantly complaining about the remakes of his favorite things. The new versions suck and he'd love nothing more than for the creators to get the hint and stop it. His other favorite complaint is that the Unicorn Chronicles is only four books long. That's five books short you idiot! Sheesh at least C.S. Lewis knew what he was doing. When not running his mouth about the previously mentioned things, Medafil is hunting for sparkly things to stash away in his nest. He tries to act selfish, but he's really a loyal friend who will go out of his way to help... though he'll never stop saying what an idiot he is and if he had any sense he wouldn't be doing it.

Reformation Edit

Upon the release of The Lion Guard, Medafil was forced to confront the fact that perhaps not all remakes or sequels were bad. In doing so, he triggered his reformation and became what he is today. He is quite tight-lipped about the matter otherwise.

Trivia Edit

  • Medafil is named after a Griffin in Bruce Coville's The Unicorn Chronicles.