Moonfire is a trilogy based around an alternate version of Ashtree Waxwing’s story and a more extreme version of the Silvano. It takes place in Japan for two reasons: Cutler had never written a story set outside America or at least a European country and she decided to make this series sort of the prequel to The Pokémon Warriors. It is the story of what became of the dragons and wolves left behind when the ones that fled to Aufaniae disappeared.


As the Meiji Restoration begins, the wolves find themselves the target of an extermination campaign. In the mist of this chaos are two brothers, Rafe and Bard, who are the last survivors of their pack. Rafe and Bard, however, are not true wolves. They are galiugalius; shape-shifters descended from wolves that made a bargain with the Destroyer’s highest soldier to gain the ability to take a human form. As the hunters close in, Rafe makes a move that will change the future for his kind, but may save them as well.


  • The Brothers Rafe & Bard
  • The Drifter’s Choice
  • The Year of the Wolf War


Moonfire on the surface resembles Wolf’s Rain, but the only reason for this is the setting. The original setting was closer to Camelot than Tokyo. It was also originally one short-story about a half-human werewolf that fell in love with a dragon, until Cutler got the bright idea to write the prequel about the character's father and uncle. The fact that she changed the setting just to make the fan fiction easier has made the original story that much harder. It also has a vague resemblance to Wolf Children, which Cutler did not discover until 2014.

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