Kikatili: You got a big mouth, Mtume, you know that? A big mouth and big words don’t get you nowhere in this world.

Mtume: You would know that better than I.

Origin Edit

Mtume is a fan original character that was originally named Aslan. His appearance has shifted and changed with time.

Appearance Edit

Mtume is a dark orange lion with green eyes and a black mane. His nose is sharp like the rest of his Barbary relations. His mane is messy and often looks windswept.

Information Edit

From the day he first opens his eyes, Mtume is a caring lion. He finds his cousins, particularly the Crown Prince, disgusting and avoids them whenever possible. His constant questioning of life leads him to search for the Creator, and when he finds Him, he is given a mission to find Kingdom and a Queen that has been picked for him. He completes this mission and is rewarded with his first-born son being the first white lion in generations.

Trivia Edit

  • Mtume somewhat resembles Nala15's character Rehema, though this is a strange coincidence.