Nips: "Nobody is perfect, stupid. But this is not in my contract!"

Richie: "Nips, we've been over this. You don't have a contract."

Origin Edit

Nips is an adopt from the Nasty Beasts RPG made by Scarlet-Pikachu.

Appearance Edit

Nips is a bug-like creature in shades of blue and gray. He resembles a flea mostly.

Information Edit

Nobody Is Perfect Stupid, known as “Nips” for short, was given to Richie as a pet shortly after his adoption and is extremely well-trained. He is generally a cheerful, pleasant and encouraging fellow. He has memorized most of Richie's favorite stories and songs and can recite them at a moment's notice. He willingly listens to Chessie's space cat stories as well. Nips has been referred to as Richie's squire, which is inaccurate as he has no desire to move beyond his current station in life. He serves as a babysitter, messenger, or is assigned other simple tasks. He also forages among wild Nasties and gifts the spoils to his master. He is loyal to “Master Richie” and “the Master's family” and will defend them with any means at his disposal. Even so, he has been known to mutter that some things just aren't “in his contract”. Thing is, he “has no contract”.

Trivia Edit

  • Nips is the first Nasty not to have an anime name.