Somebody's leavin', I don't care who, But there's not enough room in my mind for two It's finally come down to me or you. ~ Whatever Comes First

Origin Edit

Nomad was based on a real-life cat Cutler had.

Appearance Edit

Black with gold eyes, short-haired, thinner frame than his father.

Information Edit

Nomad-Strylone is born of the union between the Baluari King and a house cat. His sisters are the victim of various accidents throughout his childhood. When he witnesses one such “accident” claim his last sister and her children, he reacts with rage and horror. He confronts his father and the bloodless battle sends him through the old church’s one remaining window. Outside he runs into the Rebel Leader Sidney-Mooneyes, and flees, throwing himself into training and preparing to kill his father, both in vengeance and to save the others of his kind.

Trivia Edit

  • Nomad was named after the William Van Dyke song, "The Nomads".