Palladium Map

Map of Palladium

The Kingdom of Palladium
is a country that takes up most of the smallest continent of Aufaniae. It was founded roughly 1617 A.D. when Kilroy Hamish led a revolt against the Shenandoah. Once he had gained the trust of Silvano he quickly conquered the land, making himself King.


Palladium was planned as a setting for two novels, but has not yet done so.


According to the Free Dictionary, Palladuim means “something believed to ensure protection; safeguard”. It was founded with the intention of protecting mankind from "the slavery forced upon them" by the Shenandoah. In reality it simply became another version of the Kingdoms of the day.


City of SanctuaryEdit

Capital of the Kingdom of Palladium, and home to Kilroy Hamish’s court.

Cliffsriver TownEdit

Southeastern village on the outskirts

Fisherman’s CrossroadsEdit

Small town between the western river and the southern lake, known for its healers

Forest GateEdit

Small town just outside the Sylvan Forest

Greenwood VillageEdit

The home of the “Silvano” located deep within the Sylvan Forest, which they secretly call Wolf’s Den.

Martin’s WastelandEdit

This abandoned church, located on the northern bank of the western river, serves as home for the Baluari – “demonic” black felines whose lair is the hill upon which Father Steven built his ill-fated church.

Windbreak VillageEdit

Southern-most village on the outskirts, know for its good weather and luxury.