The citizens of the Kingdom of Palladium are mostly of pale skin tone and have a wide range of hair and eye colors. The culture is a pseudo-Christian European monarchy.


Palladium is another English word for “safeguard”; this name was chosen as the founders considered themselves a safeguard for mankind from their monstrous oppressors.


The first citizens were humans adopted by European dragons. In 1617 A.D. a faction of the humans living among the Shenandoah were led by Kilroy Hamish in a revolt against the dragons which resulted in many on both sides dead and the dragons expelled from the land. After the initial skirmishes Hamish was crowned King and his people began to spread their influence throughout the land. By 1637 A.D. the continent was cultivated and civilized, with much of the forestland cleared and small towns dotting much of the country.


Palladium as a country has not moved past colonial times. There is little equality and gender-roles are firmly established. Many occupations are inherited and education is kept at minimum for lower-classes.


Christianity is the sole religion of Palladium. Church attendance is mandatory and any absence not due to sickness is punishable by law. Due to the age of the few Bibles in existence many priests are assigned books to memorize and are expected to be able to recite them with perfect accuracy before being fully admitted to the priesthood.


Palladians mostly speak colonial English with some Latin. They dislike use of the dragons’ speech, though the language is still taught to prevent any future treachery.

Politics Edit

The country is a monarchy and most likely will be into the foreseeable future.



Areas with significant populationsEdit

The Kingdom of Palladium is the only place you can find these individuals.

Related ethnic groupsEdit

Most Palladians are distantly related to the European ethnic groups, the Anglo-Saxon, Italian, and Greek groups in particular.





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