Bumble and Gloria: Hey, where's Peri?

Origin Edit

Periwinkle is a Troll that was given up for adoption by her original Tamer in the Troll Reformation League RPG. Her original form was designed by Yenzig.

Appearance Edit


Peri as a Troll

Periwinkle was blue, had striped legs in a dark blue shade that matched the mask-like marking on her face, a short white tail and wool around her main body like a sheep. Her current form retains the blue, but in darker, more subdued shades. Now she resembles a deer with a curly mane that goes down her back.

Information Edit

Periwinkle, nicknamed “Peri” by Bumble and Gloria, is notoriously nosy. She simply must know everything that the other Trainers and their charges are doing, even if it doesn't involve her or her teammates. She's a notorious comment stalker, tending to come home with tall tales of who's sleeping with who and various sundry things no one else cares to hear. It's not just being nosy though. Peri always has her ear to the ground, watching for danger and ready to warn her friends or intervene if she can. Thus she is a master of sneaking off to stalk some more, vanishing out from under everyone’s nose and prompting the question, “Where’s Peri?”

Trivia Edit

  • Periwinkle's name is a play on Petunia Dursley, another well-known busybody
  • The "Where's Peri?" joke is a reference to Phineas and Ferb, as is her voice actress