Richie: *sheepish grin* Oh, uh, I can explain! *starts backing up*

Chessie: Unca Bumble gets mad then calls Richie a blue brat and there's yelling and doors get slammed. *pouts* Its not nice.

Ellenscia: Not nice at all. *looks furious*

Carl: Do explain, Richie. Ellenscia and I would love to hear your excuses.

The family doesn’t like admitting that truth, Kenzo. They like hiding it, denying it. I am friendly. Dark and gentle aren’t exclusive. Darkness… Darkness is soothing after the heat of the day. Darkness conceals where daylight leaves you exposed. Darkness protects what daylight leaves unguarded. ~ Richie

Origin Edit

Richie is the latest incarnation of Number Six of the Old Guard, Rixie aka Ricardo. His current incarnation is the result of Bumble's last breeding in the Troll Reformation League RPG.

Appearance Edit

Richie the Lone Drone

Richie's Lone Drone form

In both forms of his current incarnation, Richie is a blue bug, with purple eyes the same shade as his grandfather Carl's, and wings the same shade of blue that is in Carl's own wings.

His original form was that of a dusty gold and white wolfdog with brown eyes and a black saddle. His second and third were a pair of galiugalius brothers, one dusty gold like his original form, the other a blue-gray not far off his current coloration, both with black and white markings. His bleedthrough form is a blue wolf, with the black saddle of his original form, white markings and purple eyes.

Information Edit

Richie is the reincarnation of the Number Six of the Old Guard: a wolfdog named Rixie or Ricardo. Ricardo was the brother of Nara, and betrayed his sisters and parents. He died in an attempt to correct the mistake, slain by Lucifur. He was reincarnated later as two cousins to yet another version of Nara, only to sacrifice himself once more for his family. When the first incarnation died, his last thought became, for lack of a better word, a curse to prevent his actions from repeating:

"If I had it to do over, I would never hate my siblings, never let them down again. Never give up my place in their lives. I would never betray my family. Never again."

 For sake of shorthand, the curse was labeled "Ricardo's Will", and is strong enough to prevent Richie from actually doing any of these things... at least as the curse sees them.

Most Recent Reincarnation Edit

Rixie/Ricardo was reborn Richie, the youngest child of Bumble and Ellenscia. Like his full sibling, he's the result of an arranged surrogate breeding as due to restrictions, Bumble and his mate were unable to breed. This doesn't bother him though.

From birth, Richie's favorite person in the world, his role model and main hero, was his elder brother Buzz. There was originally was no point in telling him the other bug was ever wrong; he simply couldn't believe it. Unless of course Buzz said something tearing himself down; then Richie was more than happy to correct him. Buzz was the "coolest, smartest" person ever, and it was pointless tell him otherwise. This is because upon first opening his eyes, Richie was shown a picture of his elder brother - half, as it was later discovered - and told who it was by his father Bumble. Ricardo's Will locked into place with that knowledge, tying him to his brother and all he held dear.

That bond lead to Richie seeking any role in his brother's life he could get. After several conflicts, and a drunken night for Buzz, he finally had one. He became his brother's protector, taking the title the Knight of Anarchy, due to Buzz's full name. His nature made him become whatever his brother needed, and that eventually lead to him also becoming one of his brother's "mates". Richie believed he felt no romantic attraction period, and very little sexual for anyone, but could easily play the part if his brother was happy.

Reformation Edit

Richie was the last of the Drones to reform. He had long given up the Troll traits - if he even had them at all, but clung stubbornly to his birth form because of his brother. Nature finally got the best of him during a training match with his nephew - who he would later learn was also his son - Kenzo. Despite his apprehension, he's come to be comfortable in his new form. At least until the birth of his second son, Isaac, and the exposure of some hard truths. Even so, Ricardo's Will remains, and Richie will do everything in his power to protect and provide for his family. It became clear to him that he has always had romantic feelings for his brother, he is simply asexual. Regardless, Buzz is his mate, and Richie belongs solely to him.

Interests Edit

Richie has a taste for music, reading and making AMVs. His efforts to choose his own fandoms were derailed by Chessie, who was so happy to have a playmate she drove him nuts and sent him running for his family. Realizing he was acting just like the youngster, he decided to compromise and started introducing Chessie to the rest of Ash's library. His taste in music started out with his namesakes: Kid Rock (R.J. Ritchie), Richie Sambora and Lionel Richie, then grew to include other musicians such as Stevie Ray Vaughan (who like the previous three is on Richie's "Hero Wall", Kenny Wayne Shepherd, and John Mellencamp. Unlike his father though, Richie prefers softer music like soul, R&B and blues. Richie's fandoms include the Barque Cats, Eragon, Highlander and The Phoenix Blade: Time Lapse.

Trivia Edit

  • Bumble sometimes called Richie "Richard Carlton" - usually when he's in trouble. Richie wasn't fully sure originally if it was his full name or not. "Carlton" is for his grandfather Carl though.
  • Richie's VA, Stan Kirsch, also played another "Richie" - Richie Ryan in Highlander: The Series.