Ruger: I won’t fail you, Dad. No matter what it takes.

Origin Edit

Ruger was one of two wolfdogs Cutler once owned.

Appearance Edit

Ruger greatly resembles his uncle Cypress, though he shares his father's coloration. His markings are a match for his grandmother Moonriver's.

Information Edit

Ruger inherits Sequana’s lack of self-esteem. He seeks approval with every fiber of his being, though he can be a bit of smart-Alec. He inherits his markings from his grandmother, making him resemble his deceased uncle Cypress. It isn’t until the end of his first winter that he gains a sense of self-worth, but even then he avoids conflict when he can. It’s only his pride that keeps him from becoming the lowest ranking wolf in the pack. 

Trivia Edit

The real Ruger was named for Strum, Ruger & Co.