Ashtree: In English, you can’t have wolves without love.

Origin Edit

Nara, as she is also called, is the first character Cutler created. Originally sharing the name Ashleigh, she was, simply put, a “Mary-Sue” or author avatar. It wasn’t until 1994 that she got a name and developed a personality that still echoes Cutler’s. She gained a human form in 1998.

Appearance Edit

Nara is 2ft at the shoulder and roughly 150lbs. Her reddish-brown fur has white markings, she has black ears and her brown eyes are flecked with gold. Her left ear is scarred; it appears that it was ripped apart than stitched back together. She limps on slightly her right foreleg.

Information Edit

Nara is a caring but distrustful person. She takes her time warming up to people, but once she considers you a friend she will defend you to the end of time. Unless you betray her, then its recommended you run. She is an introverted individual. She is quiet and soft-spoken, though once she loses her temper you are in big trouble. She likes to laugh, and has no problem being teased by or teasing her friends. However she won’t tolerate outright verbal abuse.

Nara was born to a she-wolf/wolf-dog pair from Nirvana Valley. It is currently unknown how the pair died, only that Nara was returned to her sister Shanae with assistance by Seeonee. Her sister presented her to the Jasper Mountain Pack, and she was accepted after being spoken for by two unreleated members.

She was always the smallest pup in the pack, and picked on by the Trouble Trio for her mixed breeding. As she grew, she practiced until she alone had the speed to become Jagger's student. She later met Gareth of the Shenandoah, and developed a friendship with him that became more as they grew older.

Nara was born without a soul, and before she was six weeks old, her form was merged by the Creator with Ashtree Waxwing's. Until that point, she had no thought process, only basic instinct guiding the body. So while she and Ashtree existed separately, they are the same character.

Trivia Edit

  • When Cutler made her very first website through AOL, Nara was referred to as “the Sagittarius wolf-dog” and a similar concept was used on the site, too. In 2009, Cutler decided the fact that she also uses Nara as the canine form of Ashtree Waxwing would make life too confusing, which lead to the creation of AshWolf Forever.