My name is not Susan. So watch what you say. And if you still need her, then be on your way. ~ "My Name is Not Susan", Whitney Houston

Origin Edit

Samantha has some inspiration for The Fox and the Hound, Bewitched, and other stories. She was the "different species best friend" of the main character.

Appearance Edit

Samantha is a pale tan fox with white markings on her muzzle, underside and tail tips. Her ears and paws are dark brown. Her eyes are a pale green. She has three tails.

Information Edit

Samantha is younger sister of Susan. At some point during the reworking of the stories both featured in, she fell out of use and was but unlike her sister was never forgotten. She remained in the Haunted Woods and bided her time, expecting to be put to use sooner or later. Her patience has paid off, but any attention shown to her now is due to her sister's calling attention to herself. Samantha strong dislikes being compared to Susan, though she loves her big sister dearly.

Trivia Edit

  • Samantha originally had the trickster element down typical of foxes in stories. She was a goofball and teased her best friend repeatedly. "Got ya again! Got ya again! Ha Hah Ha Hah Ha!"