Seeonee: Peace is a myth; there is always war. Someone always seeks to settle the score.

Origin Edit

Seeonee was inspired by the "white wolf scene" in Balto. Cutler took the creature to be a spirit representing wolves as a whole, not simply the main character's mother or father.

Appearance Edit

Seeonee normally appears as a slender but healthy white wolf, with warm golden eyes. There are times, however, when her form appears starved and ragged; when evil is stronger than good for the moment.

Information Edit

Seeonee is one of the Creator's five guardian spirits. She is the protector and guide of the beasts. She always speaks in rhyme, making her more difficult to understand than even other spirit wolves. She is the "peaceful warrior", constantly in battle with her brother Lucifur as he tries to lure her charges away. She is the only guardian to have as her counterpart one of her own species. The fact it is her sibling as well is source of shame.

Trivia Edit

  • Seeonee is a misspelling of Seoni, a location in India used by Rudyard Kipling in The Jungle Book
  • Seeonee didn't have a name until Cutler saw Shonen Mowgli, and her father said it meant “peaceful warrior”. He must have been kidding, but it stuck, and the meaning used in-universe.
  • White represents purity and goodness in the West, thus why Seeonee remains a white wolf