Sequana: We are the Windwater Pack! Not a bunch of flea-bitten dog pound rejects!

Origin Edit

Cutler created Sequana when she was given two wolf-dog pups for graduation. Her appearance was based on one of them, Layla. She was named after the Seine River Goddess later on.

Appearance Edit

Sequana is a black and gray wolf with golden eyes. She has a black saddle, dark gray body, and two different shades of gray on her legs, face and paws.

Sequana Reference Sheet by Sabina Kipa

Sequana's original reference sheet by Sabina Kipa.

Originally she was a black and white she-wolf with a light, almost husky build. If it wasn't for her golden eyes, she could have passed for a dog. Due to the "gender-bent Steele" appearance, she was redesigned in 2017.

Information Edit

Sequana was originally named River Wolf for her love of water. She was maybe eight months old when she became separated from her parents. After traveling a great distance alone, she stumbled across Zephyr. End result is that being alone frightens her, and the loss of loved ones is a constant worry. Later she fell for Zephyr and became his mate. As a result of her time alone, she craves security and safety, but despite this she chose to follow him. Lightweight and quiet, she is an excellent stalker and great in an ambush.

The ability to believe in her leaders is her greatest strength, but she has very little self-confidence. She is skittish, eager to please, and loyal. She’s easy going and playful,  but easily gets her feelings hurt though she finds little things amusing, teases kindly, and takes jokes if they are meant well. She cannot stand being made fun of or others being mistreated.

Trivia Edit

  • Sequana's doglike appearance was always a thorn in Cutler's side, but she chose to leave it alone originally. There were times she debated if Sequana is part-husky somewhere back in her line. As stated, this changed in 2017 when Sequana was redesigned due to being too easily mistaken as a wolfdog, not a full-blood wolf.