There was a splash and Mason looked up to see the fish snatch another up in its jaws and swallow it whole. “Eatin’ is good too! Thanks again!”
“Told you –”
“Shut up!”
~ Troll Division

Origin Edit

Shania is an adopt/capture from the Nasty Beasts RPG.

Appearance Edit

Shania is a blue-eyed catfish-like creature in three shades of pink.

Information Edit

Shania the Slinker was rescued by Mason of all people. She lives in the sea or ocean of Crepundium, eating the “lesser” fish that live there and mostly doing her best to avoid the rest of the team. Verm is convinced she’s a snack – Chihiro and Kohaku’s opinions of her are not much better – prompting regular “we don’t eat teammates!” lectures. She seems content to swim and live out her life, refusing to say what drove her from the sea and just why she refused to go back.

Trivia Edit

  • Shania was named after the musician.