The Shenandoah is one of five dragon tribes of Aufaniae, and the most numerous.

Etymology Edit

Shenandoah means, loosely translated, “beautiful daughter of the stars”[1]; it is the name of a dragoness whose territory was in the valley in Virginia which shares her name.

History Edit

The Shenadoah is a tribe of western fire dragons made up of refugees that found their way to North America. They gathered in what is now the Shenandoah Valley. They mostly stayed hidden, and the legends of their existence have been lost to the ravages of time. They fled Earth for Aufaniae shortly after Jamestown was founded 1607. They claimed what is now known as Palladium, living in peace with the current owners.

Then in 1617 A.D. Kilroy Hamish, a dragon-reared human, gathered those he could of his fellows and staged a revolt against the dragons. By 1637 A.D. many had died on both sides and the dragons had left the continent. According to legend, what would become the Bronze dragons gave up their magic to form the Waterless Trail - a land bridge whose water sources cannot be reached by humans due to the magical barriers. A human may cross it with an animal's help, but otherwise they would die of thirst in the attempt.

The Shenandoah split in half in 1643 A.D. after “The Dissension”, a difference of opinion over if all Blades should pay for the crimes of Alabaster’s kin. The King of the Dragons took over the role of Leader for the Dwimorcarch, leaving his brother in his place to lead the Shenandoah. It wasn’t that he agreed with them; he thought his rank might reign them in somewhat. When his sons were born, he gave his place to the eldest. The direct decedent and, eventually, heir has led ever since. However, with time even his rank was not enough to garner respect from a people whose values he did not share.

Culture Edit

The tribe is a collection of families led by a patriarch or a matriarch and ranked by said dragons’s rank in relation to the others. Mates are expected to show respect and obey the dragon in charge of them and any direct ancestor, i.e. a grandfather or great-grandfather.

Religion Edit

Languages Edit

The Shenadoah speaks mainly common speech, though some use their own language, which is simply a native tongue of the dragons.

Politics Edit

Lifespan Edit

While most dragons can live at least a century, it is common for Shenandoah members to die due to the skirmishes and attacks with their neighbors. Many do not live to see their hundredth year.

Population Edit

Areas with significant populations Edit

The tribal lands take up almost the whole Eastern half of Rosmerta.

Related ethnic groups Edit

The Shenandoah members are descended from European dragons, and are mostly of the Blaze subspecies.

Myths Edit

References Edit

Bibliography Edit

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Notes Edit

The tribe was named after the country music band of the same name.

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