Tristina: So you turned me into a cat, then got another bat?

Origin Edit

Shiori is Cutler's starter for the Nasty Beasts RPG. Her design uses the colors of her namesake and the placement was done by Professor Scarlet.

Appearance Edit

Shiori is mostly a cream color, with tan ears, feet and nose, and a silver marking down her back. Her eyes are purple.

Information Edit

Shiori was given to AshWolf by Professor Scarlet. The adorable little Chyro is a joy to be around. She doesn't discriminate between beings, and enjoys being around her Tamer's other creatures.Since she can fly, she is also one of the few that visits with Kohaku. She is quickly becoming a favorite of the other residents of Nottingham, even Datura. She likes sleeping at the end of her Tamer's bed, and waking up early to play with all her friends.

Trivia Edit

  • She is named after the bat demon's daughter in InuYasha