Sidney: Jack destroyed my life. Let he and his son destroy each other!

Origin Edit

Sidney, like Jack-Martin and Tristina, was based on a Halloween decoration. Sid got his name from Six-Dinner Sid. He and the rest of the Baluari are most likely a year or so older than their listed creation date, but its unconfirmed.

Appearance Edit

Sidney is black with gold eyes, just like all his kind. He is however one of the more slender males, and has a distinct backwards head tuft, chest and cheek fur.

Information Edit

Sidney is one of younger Baluari and dreams of the day the curse will break. He doesn’t believe the myth that they just have to “wait until Martin comes”, as there have been several kings named Martin over the years and none have saved their people. He gathers together like-minded Baluari and plans to kill off the ruling line, believing that perhaps when the line is dead the curse will break. However, only a direct relation to the King can destroy him. So when the new heir, a half-breed called Nomad all but falls into his paws, he is quick to groom the boy to be his people’s savior… not telling him that once Jack-Martin is dead, Nomad will be destroyed with him.

Trivia Edit

Sidney was once known as "the Swamp Fox" after the Disney series about Francis Marion.

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