Sikubali is a semi-Swahili term used by the lions of the Forest and Pride Lands. It means “is not acknowledged”, and is used to refer to cubs not born to a lion’s mate or to an unmated lioness.

History Edit

The term came into use shortly after descendants of Androcles took over the Jungle Pride. They sought to reflect human relationships, and also preserve the breeding practices outside lions were already accustomed to. When males would be exiled, they would carry the tradition with them, and thus it spread throughout the kingdoms.

In Practice Edit

A sikubali cub’s sire is usually known, but the connection is never acknowledged (hence the term), and the sire has no legal rights to the cub, only its mother. In reverse, a King’s sikubali cub has no claim upon the throne.

Notable Sikubali Edit

Nala, whose father has yet to be revealed, is a sikubali cub.