Simba: Remember Mufasa's promise!

Origin Edit

Simba in real life was the son of Sunny Cat and his daughter Ashley Cat.

Appearance Edit

Like his sire, Simba is a yellow tabby cat with green eyes and white markings. He's more lightly built than Sunny though.

Information Edit

Simba is the eldest son of Sunny and Moonbeam Catstone. He claims his father's place as "Catstone King" after Sunny's fall. He is a level-headed cat with a big heart, but he despairs of ever measuring up the bar set by his father. He puts aside his rivalry with Tristen's son Renegade to face Cain.

With Bremen Town Edit

Simba is the piano player of the band, and has been since its origins. He still plays with them at times, and has been seen in Troll Division as a result.

Trivia Edit

  • Simba is the namesake of The Lion King's main character.
  • The middle name "Clint" is a reference to both Eastwood and Black.