Snowstream: Everyone else can throw something at the cat yowling outside at three AM. Me, I gotta see what he wants.

Origin Edit

Snowstream was created roughly 2001-2 to take Ashtree's place in The Stormrider Trilogy.

Appearance Edit

Snowstream is a blond, blue-eyed woman with a tan complexion. She's about 5'9 and 140 pounds.

Information Edit

Snowstream is the daughter of cousins Seashell Harper and Starling Waxing. Her father's "half-breed" status is a source of constant teasing and bullying. She inherited the family gift for "listening" to a species of animal - hers is cats. The town strays come to her for help and to gossip. Her own cat, the Bengal Balam, is her closest friend until she adopts a motherless kitten she names Tristina after her cousin's cousin's dog.

Tristina it turns out is not a normal cat; she's a Bakeneko, a "werecat"... and her kind want her back. Snow's connection to her friend lands her in more trouble than she's ever faced before.

Trivia Edit

  • Snowstream is shares some traits with Cutler's younger cousin Brooke, which is part of why her name also has a waterway in it.