STRYPER - Soldiers under command Official Music Video HQ

STRYPER - Soldiers under command Official Music Video HQ

The source of the title

Soldiers Under Command is a four installment series related to Of Wolves, Dragons & Rings that tells of the other four paladins. When Seeonee tells Ashtree of the paladins, she gives very little information. It obviously gets its title from the Stryper song of the same name. The fate of the world depends on this cosmic chess game.


The Paladins are soldiers of the Creator born to counter the top generals of the Destroyer. For each group of creations – beasts, birds, insects, reptiles, sea creatures, and humans – there is a guide, a deceiver, and a paladin. The most familiar set would be Seeonee, Lucifur, and Ashtree. Each paladin is born as a human with the soul of whatever creature represents their group, for example a wolf for the beasts. In time they gain the ability to take their soul form and must learn how best to use this form to defeat their counterpart of the Destroyer’s – or when the world ends the Creator may lose. Soldiers Under Command only follows four of the other Paladins; I’ll let you guess the fifth.


  • On Eagle’s Wings
  • Tangle of the Spider’s Web
  • The Sand and the Serpents
  • Shark’s Teeth

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