*Please note that the information here may change in the future. None of the stories taking place here have been written and thus the information is not set in stone.

Stillwater is a small village in the United States on the edge of a national forest. It is best known as the hometown of Ashtree Waxwing and Snowstream Harper.

Origin Edit

Stillwater is based mostly on the concept of a modern Native American village. It is more idealistic than other locations Cutler has created as a result.

Information Edit

Stillwater sits upon the ancestral homeland of Ashtree's father's tribe. The village is the result of slowly purchasing the land by tribe members; one by one the houses and businesses have been reclaimed, all but one. It now functions in much the same fashion as some reservations.

Trivia Edit

  • Stillwater's name is a play on the phrase "still waters run deep".
  • The concept of purchasing native land comes from the book Stone Fox.