Sunny: How dare you speak such insults? You want to play? Oh, I’ll play!

Origin Edit

Cutler’s second cat, though first kitten, Sunny Cat was the best friend of Tristen in real life. And like him, it’s questionable if Sunny can be thought of as a character prior to his death. He died shortly after Tristen, his body found in the dog house.

Appearance Edit

Sunny is a stocky yellow tabby cat. He has green eyes, white markings, a pink nose, and wears a red collar with a star-shaped tag.

Personality Edit

Sunny is very relaxed, but judgmental as well. He is protective of "his girl", Bridget MacCarrell. He is known to hold grudges and take revenge even if the act is far in the past.

Information Edit

Sunny is the original Catstone King; he took the leadership position from Midnight LeNoirchat shortly after his friend Tristen became the Von Rustin. It became a running joke on Colden Colten that opposing him was foolish: "If you're even thinking about it, then you don't know anything. Cause nobody messes with the Catstone King."

Triva Edit

Sunny was Cutler's original cat, but he never bore the name "Catstone". He was always just "Sunny Cat".