Did you somehow feel neglected? Did it leave you wanting more? ~ "Prodigal Son", Heather Dale

Origin Edit

Susan was created as, at the time, every character in the main cast of her series had an elder sibling.

Appearance Edit

Susan is a pale orange fox with white markings on her muzzle, paws, underside and tail tips. She also bears a diamond marking on her forehead much like her son's. Her eyes are blue, with the left a more saturated shade than the right. Her ears are a darker orange. She has three tails.

Information Edit

Susan is elder sister of Samantha. At some point during the reworking of the stories both featured in, she fell out of use and was nearly forgotten. She didn't take this lying down, and through her wiles, conceived a son with the "Hellhound" Ruin. This boy would be her ticket back to power and the spotlight. However, he was far kinder than she had expected. She decided that, like a sword, he would have to be put to the fires to be forged into the weapon she needed. Thus she arranged for him to fall under the spell of the Mask of Shielding, and used her magic to send him to the world her creator has recently delved into. She knew the place he would find in this world would not be kind to him. If he survived, he would come back to her stronger for the experience. And when he did... she would finally have the attention she deserved.

Trivia Edit

  • Susan was originally a simple fox with a gentle heart, if a snappy personality. How she morphed into this devious creature is a mystery to her creator.