The Division is a group of creatures that bound themselves together through mutual need. Originally comprised of Trolls, it expanded to contain Nasty Beasts then eventually became almost completely Nasty exclusive.

Information Edit

The Division was originally dubbed the "Troll Division" by the then-Woozle Gloria, as her fantasies considered it a division of the Pokémon Warriors much like the Eevee Revolution. She eventually gave up those daydreams, and the group became known simply as the Division. Despite being its founder, Gloria is not the group's leader. That role becomes to Bumble, with Chihiro as his second. The group breaks down into the following subdivisions:

  • The Hive: Bumble, Truman, Richie, Datura, Nips, Chessie, Brite, Inferno, and Sanguine
  • The Cove Coalition: Chihiro, Roark, Mason, Medafil, Vermilion, Tyler, Kohaku, Wind Dancer, Lenore, and Eris
  • The Mischief: Gloria and Tororu
  • The Gardeners: Jinenji, Shiori, and Lin
  • Duos: Kemuri and Darcia, Shania and Eilleen, Gaselli and Taglio
  • Loners: Peri, Git, Anansi

All the members will work together against an outside threat. The Hive and the Cove Coalition have allies outside the Division, as well as mates, offspring and siblings. By virtue of being led by Bumble, the Division can be considered a branch of the Old Guard.