The Felines Immortal is a book which follows the lives of three Baluari as they struggle to break the ancestral curse of their kind. The prologue was originally posted on It underwent quite a few changes to become what it is today. Years before the story begins, the Baluari leader’s heir apparent wasn’t willing to wait his turn. Now all of his people suffer the consequences. While they can breed and age, they are unable to die save by the poison of their own kind. They are doomed to commit, over and over again, the heir inpatient’s crime until one arrives who can withstand the temptation and lift the curse forever.


Jack-Martin, the current leader, has tried everything to break the curse surrounding his people. He even took a she-cat mate, hoping his offspring would be exempt. But not even that is enough. Circumstances rob him of his mate and daughters, forcing his son to turn to the rebel leader Sidney-Mooneyes for guidance. All three want freedom from the curse, but they cannot agree on how to achieve it. When Nomad returns to face his father one last time, the confrontation will decide the fate of the Baluari once and for all.


Wait till Martin Comes

Wait till Martin Comes

The origin of the story

The Felines Immortal was inspired by various sources. The first was a Halloween decoration called a “scratch cat”; they came 2 per package and were flat paper cut-outs with orange eyes and a sickly green outline. It was this green outline, coupled with a friend’s tale of getting “cat scratch fever” that lead to the Scratch-Cats being poisonous. Another was the book Six-Dinner Sid, which is where Sidney got his name. Then there’s “Wait ‘til Martin Comes”, which Cutler first came across in Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. It should be pointed out that Schwartz is also the author of Stories to Tell a Cat, containing the gem “Deep in the Swamp”, which vaguely echoes “Wait ‘til Martin Comes”; the cat in the story is black and if memory serves, keeps getting larger before it vanishes. And of course there is the character of Jack, whose origins Cutler is not completely sure of. Last but not least is the real-life cat Nomad, uncle of the real-life Simba. Nomad’s mother was Stryper, the inspiration behind Stryluna.


Like all of Cutler's stories, The Felines Immortal was created by listening to music. The following are the songs that helped create this story.

  • “Dry County” – Bon Jovi
  • “Shattered Dreams” – Johnny Hates Jazz
  • “Fear” – Bon Jovi
  • “You Wouldn’t Know Love” – Cher
  • “What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am?” – Lee Roy Parnell
  • “Whatever Comes First” – Sons of the Desert
  • “Just Between You And Me” – Lou Gramm
  • “Brokenpromiseland” – Bon Jovi