“The Gambler’s skill and cleverness had made him a legend in Colden Colten. He was no coward.”

~ Sunny's Girl

Origin Edit

The Gambler is heavily based on The Tramp and Willie Nelson. He was created in the 2000’s to replace Tramp’s role. His name came from The Gambler by Kenny Rogers, keeping with the song theme for the other main strays.

Appearance Edit

Gambler is a built like an Airedale, but has some of the markings of a Fox Terrier. His brown, black and white coat gives him the look of an old hobo.

Information Edit

The Gambler is an old-school rebel. He is famous for his pedigreed-like manners and his quick wit. He is also quite the charmer and ladies’ dog. Gambler was a friend to Tristen II and until his death was content to leave the leadership of the strays to another. Afterwards he and his supporters broke from the Throw-Away Strays to form the Wildlanders. He is one of the few to see the end of the conflict with Cain.

Trivia Edit

  • If Gambler had voice actor it would most likely be Willie Nelson or Merle Haggard.