The Heart Sense is a 6th sense that only galiugalius possess. It is an empathetic connection between mates and blood-relations, allowing those connected to sense each others emotions, location, and if a member is in danger. It is a constant as their own heartbeat. 

How It Works Edit

The Heart Sense is active for every galiugalius from birth to death. It is like an invisable cord that connects members down the line of relationship. For example, a pup/child would be connected first to its parents and siblings, then to those related to them. Like so: 

  • child > parent > aunt/uncle > cousin 
  • child > parent > aunt/uncle > aunt/uncle's mate 

Only direct relations, such as between child and parent or siblings, do not require to first be sensed though the closest relation.  An aunt or uncle's mate can only be sensed by first sensing the aunt/uncle, then following the aunt/uncle's bond to their mate.  The same is true of cousins. The more distant the relation the fainter the connection. 


  • Allows pack members to always know if their packmates are alive, where they are, and if they are safe. 


  • If a closely connected member is in pain, the wolf-shifter will feel it as well. 
  • If a member dies, all connected feel the loss as a sharp internal pain. An empty space where the connection should be will be felt for the rest of their lives. The closer the relation the worse the pain. If the lost member bridges others, i.e. a brother connecting his sibling to his children, a faint echo of the connection will remain to tie them together. 
  • Since they are connected from birth to others, the loss of their entire pack can drive them insane or even kill them.

Mating Bonds Edit

The Heart Sense bond between mates is more complicated than the relation-based kind. The bond forms due to compatibility regardless of species; if a pair get along well and well work together the bond will form, at least on the galiugalius's part, regardless if they think its a good idea.  The purpose of this is supposedly to make sure any children born have the best chance to survive. 


  • Since mates are not related to their mate's pack/family, a mate can block other members ability to sense their partner. 


  • mating bonds are beyond the wolf-shifter's control.
  • the death of a mate can kill the surviving partner

Other Facts Edit

It is possible for one pack member to shield another from the others they are connected to, but it takes a great deal of practice and strength. Most cannot do so, though it is easier if their mate is shielding them.

Name Origin Edit

The gift, or curse, is called the Heart Sense because it connects loved ones, and the heart is often said to be the source of love. 

Trivia Edit

The Heart Sense was loosely based upon the mating bond in Hunter's Moon by C. T. Adams and Cathy Clamp. The part of it that caught Cutler's attention was that the two main characters could sense each other's emotions, and that what one felt physically the other did as well. This got her thinking about how she could use something like that, and how it would work. 

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