The Lion King and the Jungle Emperor is a fan fiction crossover series of The Lion King and Kimba the White Lion inspired by the controversy. It includes an alternate story and spawned two spin-off series Ripples and Patterns In The Sky, about minor characters and events that affect the story but are too time-consuming.


Somewhere in Africa two brothers rule a paradise that has been invaded by poachers. Panja takes time out to put the humans in their place before joining his brother Mufasa at the presentation of his heir Simba. But the rulers' dark brother Scar has a plan that will mark the end of Mufasa’s reign, and the poachers have plans of their own. Panja's expectant mate is captured and the Emperor himself is murdered. All seems lost when Eliza's shipped out to sea. In no time at all Mufasa is gone as well. Driven into exile, Simba finds his younger, wiser cousin in the desert. Together at last they head for Panja's Jungle where they meet new friends. Simba's guilt destroys his will. Soon it's up to Kimba to help the Pride Rock Prince make a stand for peace. Will they be in time to save their kingdoms?


  1. The Rift
  2. The Descent
  3. The Bridge

Alternate InstallmentsEdit

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