The Pokémon Warriors is a parody fan fiction story. The echo of a 15-year-old’s daydreams follows the journey of the Pikachu Electro and his reluctant Trainer... for the first eleven or so chapters. It is set in Kanto three years after Ash began his journey – in other words, during Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver. For the sake of this story, Ash Ketchum is Red. After being discontinued as a Pokémon/Original Fiction crossover, Gloria took over and it turned into an alternate version of Troll Division. It can be read on Author's Tea.


Aisha Wolf never intended to be a Pokémon trainer. But then she adopts Electro, a Pichu set on putting Ketchum’s Pikachu to shame. She reluctantly agrees to set out on the journey, though it doesn't last for long. When the author notes just how awkward the story really is, Aisha, Electro, and company are jerked back to Crepundium. One day, the Pikachu meets a Troll named Gloria, and his life is never the same again.

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