The Stillwater Secret-Keepers is a two installment massive crossover in which the heroines of The Stormrider Trilogy and Of Wolves, Dragons & Rings find out than not all books are fiction after all. Avalon: Web of Magic, The Unicorn Chronicles, Harry Potter and InuYasha are the first to prove true. Later, Twilight, The Dark-Hunters, and The Sazi come to light as well.


Ashtree and Snowstream meet the Ravenswood Mages, Cara Hunter, Harry Potter, and Kagome. Together they set up a clandestine club to help each other keep their secrets. They dub it the Cerberus Society, adopting the motto Miakuye' Oyasin, “we are all related” in Lakota Sioux, or to the duo, “we are one”. Various adventures follow, and it gets harder and harder to keep up the masquerade.


The story began as an idea on the old site, which at one point briefly posed as the group’s site. The inspiration was the web site in Avalon: Web of Magic. The real purpose of the story was to allow the characters in some of Cutler's favorite series to interact. To date it hasn’t gotten further than the general idea as she has yet to set the rules of the series in stone. Only series that can plausibly be believed to exist in the same universe can be included, and only those that the authors allow fan fiction of. This can make things a bit complicated. It doesn’t help that some details about The Stormrider Trilogy and Of Wolves, Dragons & Rings aren’t settled yet either.


  1. The Stillwater Secret-Keepers
  2. New Discoveries

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