The Stormrider Trilogy is a three installment book and movie series. It shares its timeframe with Of Wolves, Dragons & Rings. It is the story of Ashtree’s cousin Snowstream and the strange vampire-like cat she adopts.


Snowstream is a Cat Listener. She thought she had seen it all when it came to creatures of the feline nature. But the little kitten she adopts is nothing she had ever encountered. Tristina is a rare Bakeneko – a were-cat vampire – and more to the point, a powerful “stormrider”. Like the creature of legend, Tristina has the ability to control storms as well as her kind’s other gifts. But the question is, can she master these powers in time to defeat those who would harm her human friend?


  • The Whiskered Whisperers
  • More Than Meets The Eye
  • Blood Under The Bridge

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