The Windwater Pack is a series that follows the life of an orphan gray wolf, his mate, and the pack that forms around them. It was originally posted on the WolfQuest forum and It underwent quite a few changes to become what it is today. The third installment was the first to have a completed draft, and the series originally tied into Of Wolves, Dragons & Rings.


Zephyr is eight-weeks-old when his mother is killed. He is taken in by a human boy and forges a bond he will carry for life. Growing up a pet gave Zephyr a very specific set of skills. Which are completely useless when the young wolf follows his mate into the wild. It is an uphill battle to find his balance between his upbringing and the true ways of own kind. Can he and his descendants overcome his roots to flourish, or is the soil poisoned beyond repair?


  1. Spirit Brother
  2. Freedom’s Prison
  3. The Windwater Pack
  4. Zephyr’s Legacy
  5. Eternal Circle

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