The Windwater Pack is a series that follows the life of an orphan gray wolf, his mate, and the pack that forms around them. It was originally posted on the WolfQuest forum, and It underwent quite a few changes to become what it is today. The third installment was the first to have a completed draft, and the series originally tied into Of Wolves, Dragons & Rings.


Zephyr is eight-weeks-old when his mother is killed and he is discovered by a human boy and forges a bond that will carry him through his darkest days. But when he is forcibly separated from his 'spirit brother', he must learn to live as a wild wolf. He and his mate form a unique pack that later includes his own children.


  1. Spirit Brother
  2. Freedom’s Prison
  3. The Windwater Pack
  4. Zephyr’s Legacy
  5. Eternal Circle

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