Troll Division is a Troll Reformation Leaguefan fiction series set in the Crystal Prism universe. It can be read on here.

Summary Edit

AshWolf Forever has experience as a Pokémon Trainer, but she never expected to be a Troll Tamer as well. When she finds a lost Watery-Eyed Weeping Woozle named Gloria, it turns her whole universe upside down. On the Woozle's heels comes Bumble the Lone Drone, and the pair of Trolls have their work cut out for them to fit themselves into their new owner's world.

Installments Edit

  1. Season One
  2. Season Two
  3. Season Three

Trivia Edit

  • Troll Division is the first series to be set in the "off the clock" version of Crystal Prism.
  • It is the longest of any story Cutler has written to date.
  • The original version, which included Electro and other members of his team, is no longer considered canon. It has been used to continue The Pokémon Warriors.

Related Series Edit

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