Truman: You are buying, Little Brother and if anything besides the liquor finds its way into my glass, your ass will be grass.

Origin Edit

Truman's Troll form was a purchase in a rare sale by Yenzig in the Troll Reformation League game. He was created long before then though.

Appearance Edit

Truman Lone Truman Clone

Truman is about 1ft tall. He has orange eyes. His Fausap form is shades of dark purple, the lower set of wings the same ice blue as his previous form, the antenna spots ice-blue and dark purple. In Clone Drone form, he had a black head, limbs, abdomen and stinger, with a white thorax. His left wing was purple and blue swirled while his right is metal due the true wing being torn long ago. In Lone Drone form, his thorax is dark purple, as is his abdomen, and his wings are ice-blue.

Information Edit

When asked who he is, Truman always has the same answer: "The Son of Sam". He's a stern, battle-scarred warrior. Despite being born of a brief affair, the bug has an ego to the sky much like his younger half-brother. Where every other word out of Bumble's mouth is a curse, Truman goes out of his way to use polite, proper speech... on the surface. He's not eager for confrontations, having survived a war and life on the streets, but if pressed will fight with everything he has. He carries his father's sword, the only thing he has of him. He never regretted the sacrifices he made - this only became stronger when he reunited with his brother and saw the family that wouldn't exist without them. If you threaten it... may God have mercy on your soul.

Trivia Edit

  • Truman was the name Bumble the Drone almost had before the Bee reasserted himself.
  • Truman is also the surname of one of the main characters on Will & Grace.
  • Truman can mimic voices almost perfectly.
  • Truman's hobby/occupation is female impersonator/drag queen singer. He considers this acting and it does not reflect on his gender identity in any way.
  • Truman is gay and quite comfortable with himself.

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