Tyler: Not now, dear. Auntie's in a rage.

Origin Edit

Tyler, like Bumble, was won in the Troll Reformation League online RPG. She was designed by Yenzig.

Appearance Edit


Tyler as a Cuckoo

Tyler's original form looked like a chicken with rabbit ears. Her current form is more of an eagle with green tail feathers that are covered in daisies and marigolds. She is mostly white with yellow-gold markings, blue eyes and a gray beak.

Information Edit

Cuckoo Edit

Originally Tyler was very annoying at times. She was convinced that all recorded music with lyrics has hidden messages put there by “them” to brainwash us all. Who “them” was she refused to ever say, just looked at the questioner as if they never finished pre-school. She would cover her ears and sing la-la-la whenever a song with lyrics was played, though some songs were exceptions, such as “Conspiracy Theory” by Mark Tyler and "Its All In Your Head" by Diamond Rio. This led to several long and loud arguments with Bumble. She made her nest in the upper branches of Nottingham near Chihiro’s before she retreated to Twilight Cove.

Reformation Edit

Having always been a mellower Cuckoo, Tyler was one of the first of the Troll Division to become fully tamed. This triggered the metamorphosis from Troll to Nasty Beast, releasing the bird from the horrors of her mind. No longer plagued by her delusions, Tyler is finally free to enjoy her life. She does so by assisting with the rearing of Wind Dancer and spending time with her child and grandchildren. Not much has really changed about the bird, though she can now enjoy a wider range of music aside from the two songs she tolerated before. She treasures the stronger relationships she has now, and the fact she can actually fly.

Trivia Edit

  • Tyler is named after Matt Tyler, the singer of "Conspiracy Theory".