Vermilion: I told you -

Mason: Shut up!

Origin Edit

Vermilion is an adopt from the Nasty Beasts RPG designed by Scarlet-Pikachu.

Appearance Edit

Vermilion is a talk lanky canine-like creature with a red-brown coat, and blue berries in his green ruff and fluffy tail.

Information Edit

Vermilion is relaxed and easy-going most of the time, minding his own business and hunting whatever rodents he comes across. He was once a companion to Mason and ate the Woozles the Hybrid killed. The arrangement suited him well enough, and he wondered where his friend had vanished to. He was glad to see him and be made his chaperon. Discovering the change of heart his once-friend had had made him furious. How dare he turn his back on nature!?! Nothing he said or did would sway Mason from his foolish path, but it didn't keep him from trying.

Trivia Edit

  • Vermilion is named after a Shonen Mowgli character.