The Von Rustin bloodline descends from a red Doberman Melissa MacCarrell bought from Summerland Kennels. On Colden Colten members of the line are identified by heart-shaped tags.


The name Von Rustin is of German origin, and means “of Rustin”; Rustin or the spelling variant Ruston being place names.


The original dogs of the line all come from differing lines bred by Summerland Kennels.


Melissa MacCarrell began breeding Dobermans in 1985 after her success in the show ring as a handler. The first two males, Tristen Lee Von Rustin and Tristen Lee Von Rustin II, were acquired through breeder contracts with Summerland Kennels. The line had a slight downturn with the birth of Tristen Lee Von Rustin III, otherwise known as Renegade. While a perfect specimen of his breed physically, Renegade had no charisma for the show ring and was unable to obtain a Obedience Dog Excellent title. His son, Rebel Storm, redeemed the line, though his son is looking to be Renegade II. The Von Rustin line, starting with Scorpio, also founded The Islanders, and the eldest male Colden Colten resident of the line has held the title “The Von Rustin” and automatically been the highest ranking dog on the Island.


Von Rustins appear mainly in The Islander Mysteries and The Stray Café Chronicles. Tristen II is briefly mentioned in The Stormrider Trilogy as well.

Notable MembersEdit

  • Tristen Lee Von Rustin II
  • Renegade
  • Rebel Storm


The name “Von Rustin” really began with the original Tristen Lee Von Rustin, who Cutler's uncle got in trade for some car parts. Her mother changed his name from Cash Lee Moreland, naming him after Tristan Rodgers and a name that appeared on his pedigree.



Cutler, Ashleigh. Upon the Gray Borderlines

Chapman, Janet. Charming the Highlander


“The Von Rustin” is meant to mimic a Scottish Clan leader’s title, which was/is pretty much “The [Surname]” among other things. This was picked up from Charming the Highlander.

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