The Windwater Pack is one of the many wolf packs in Crystal Prism. It is the subject of the series of the same name. “Be brave, be strong, be fast, and never forget to love those around you.” ~ Pack Motto


The name “Windwater” was chosen to represent both members of the founding pair: Zephyr, named for the West Wind, and Sequana, the River Wolf. It is not advisable to pronounce it as two words.


After living with Druid Moon for over a year, Zephyr and Sequana leave to ease the burden on their hosts. The pack was founded in the winter of 2003. Their first litter was born three months later, numbering four. They had one more litter and seven children in all, though only four survived to adulthood. In 2006, Zephyr was forced out as Pack Leader, replaced by his son Cian. Cian and his Marsh Creek-born mate Moira had two litters before Cian was succeeded by his daughter, Legacy. Even today the pack is controlled by their descendants, which is a triumph in and of itself. Far more notable, one of its offspring and his mate managed to restore the disbanded Black Shadow Pack, though the name was changed.

Cultural DifferencesEdit

Due to Zephyr’s being raised by a human, the Windwater Pack has a few traits unique to those of its bloodline. Firstly, several songs have been passed down from generation to generation. Their heritage also includes a handful of stories favored by their founder, including his own which has not grown short in the telling. Beside the two languages all wolves use, the Windwater Pack has a few unique words that Zephyr either picked up from dogs or made-up himself to cover things like CDs, etc. which confuse those not of the bloodline.

Pack LeadersEdit

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Cutler, Ashleigh. The Windwater Pack (2010)


The pack's story can be read in more detail in The Windwater Pack.

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The Windwater Pack on deviantART

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