The Wishosk [pronounced WEESH-ahsk] is a family of Innocent Impkins living in a hollow tree near Wishosk Pond.They stick to their territory, avoiding all other inhabitants of Crepundium.

Members Edit

  • Sulatlek

Leader of the Wishosk, which consists of him, his mate and their children.

  • Écumedemer – "sea foam"

Mate of Sulatlek, a sleek and wise queen and a pristine hunter.

  • Riverstone

Son of the above.

  • Pinecone

Sister of Riverstone. A tiny but effective small game hunter.

  • Ripple

Brother of the two above. A voice of reason whose wisdom easily spreads.

  • Wind-Blown Leaf

Brother of the above. Easily swayed, his opinions go whichever way the wind blows.

  • Oak Tree

Brother of the above. His mind and beliefs are set in stone.

  • Honeysuckle

Sister of the above. A playful, sweet-tempered queen with a eagle eye for mice.

  • Rabbit

Sister of the above. A jittery queen with a healthy fear of… well, everything. 

  • Tadpole

Sister of the above. Bravest of the litter, she's an avid swimmer and fisher cat.

Trivia Edit

  • The Native American Wishosk (also known as Wiyot and Sulatlek) lived where Eureka, California is now located. They wore buckskin clothing. Two or more families lived together. They have a story called "How Spider Caught Flys".

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