Yashita: Kid, you got a lot to learn.

Origin Edit

Yashita was loosely based on InuYasha and several street dog characters.

Appearance Edit

Yashita is medium-size white dog with pointed ears and a curled fluffy tail. She wears a necklace of purple beads and white "fangs".

Information Edit

Yashita is a former street dog. She met Aisha when the fledgling "scientist" was starting to study her subjects. Amused by Aisha's clumsy study methods, Yashita took it upon herself to watch out for the girl. Their friendship grew and the stray found she could trust this human. She finally allowed Aisha to adopt her, but refused a collar. Instead, she wears a beaded necklace that resembles a string of prayer beads. It matches the bracelet Aisha wears around her right wrist. Having lived on her own most of her life, Yashita has considerable skill in dealing with wild Pokemon. She is a capable battler and can stand up against most species of similar size.

Trivia Edit

  • Yashita was InuYasha's name in InuYasha fanfiction The Phoenix Blade: Time Lapse.

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