Zephyr: Oh, dry bones!

Origin Edit

Also known as “the kindergartener’s wolf”, Zephyr was originally known as Wolfy, then Wolfgang. He is tied for age with Gareth, as there is no way to know which came first. He is the third member of Cutler’s go-to trio alongside Nara and Gareth. A version of his original story has been published in A Childhood Fantasy.

Appearance Edit

Zephyr is a tan wolf with white markings and a gray "ghost coat" that weaves in and out of his tan fur. His eyes are gold.

Information Edit

Zephyr is born of the brief union between his Jester [Omega] mother and the usurping Stone Voice. He loses his mother when he is six weeks old. After that, he is raised by the human Julian Cian MacCarrell. He loves music and can dance.

Fun-loving and loyal, Zephyr spends most of his life pretending to be a carefree clown. At first glance he seems irresponsible and unable to take anything seriously. However, when put in a position of authority it becomes obvious that this is not the case. With the exception of the few individuals he trusts, he is careful to hide his feelings and emotions. He is always ready to laugh, and is fond of making snide remarks if he can get away with it. He doesn't hold with harassment, though, and usually means nothing by his comments.

When he is about three years old, he and his mate Sequana found the Windwater Pack and lead until a hunting accident forces his retirement.

Laid back but wary, Zeph is very much like the wind. He can be as gentle as a breeze when treated with respect and kindness, but threaten anyone he cares for and he becomes as destructive and unreasonable as a hurricane. He has a temper that at times blinds him to right and wrong, though he seldom loses control unless he believes one he cares for is in danger or being slandered.

Trivia Edit

  • Outside of serious work, Zephyr is best known as a member of The Old Guard. He holds the third rank within that group, and is one of the more powerful characters in Crystal Prism.